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Bordspel review & speluitleg van: Moonrakers

Game design: A. Harrison, M. Anderson

Illustraties: N/A

  • 8/10
  • 14+
  • 1-5 spelers
  • 60-120 minuten

Spel uitleg

Moonrakers is a deckbuilding and negotiation game. You take turns being mission leader, selecting a contract which you try to solve together by playing the required cards from your hands.

First you negotiate on who wants to join in and what rewards you will get if you solve it. Then if that is decided, you roll hazard dice, which can cost you prestige points. After this you all are allowed to play just one card. These cards however contain abilities like extra actions, drawing cards, protection from hazard dice.

If you beat/solve the contract, you get the rewards as divided in advance. Then, the active player can buy some new cards upgrading his or her deck. Among the rewards are prestige points. The first to get to 10 points wins the game.


This game is so cool! It feels a bit like a hybrid game somewhere between competition and cooperative games as you sometimes really have to work together. But you do get to be sneaky at times. Because of the interaction I'd say it's best to play with as much players as possible. However, it's also a lot of fun at a lower playercount AND the solo is awesome as well.

I am very much into deckbuilding games, and this feels like quite a unique one with incredible components with for instance metal coins and a comic book, introducing the story of the game. I'm highly enthousiastic about it and can definetely recommend Moonrakers to anyone who enjoys deckbuilding games with a lot of interaction!


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