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Board game review & gameplay of: The Grippy Playmat

Game design: Eric Salyers

  • 8/10


The established Etsy brand #Gripmats provided me with a beautiful purple ‘Grippy’ playmat to share my thoughts about! So, read them below!

This is a playmat which is specifically designed for games which need some extra grip on their components. #tileplacementgames, #miniaturegames, these will flourish on this mat!

The mats are treated according to a special formula Eric designed himself, improving as he goes.

I found Eric by accident and immediately was very interested in his product. I always am quite annoyed when playing Catan, with the tiles going all over the table when someone wasn’t paying attention 🤪. This playmat provides a good solution for this!

👍 The mat looks absolutely gorgeous on my table (and on my pictures, might I add 📸)

👍 the mat is a ‘grippy’, tiles and miniatures stay gripped in the mat, instead of sliding around. It’s really convenient when playing for instance #catan or #carcasonne, or wargames or DnD (what I dont really play myself 😅)

👍 Easy to clean with a damp cloth, which is necessary sometimes.

👍 the mat also has good grip on the table, besides on tiles. The mat stays right in place and does not move in any way.

👍➖ The mat needs some cleaning, especially in the beginning since there still is some small gluepieces coming off. This will definitely be less after some usage, so this doesn’t bother me that much, but it’s good to know!

👍➖ Maybe this is very unnecessary to mention, but I do it anyway. Since there is a lot of grip, this mat is not specifically the best solutiin when you play a lot of cardgames. In this case you’d prefer your mat to be smooth.


A copy of this game was provided to me by Gripmats for the purpose of writing this review. My opinion however remains my own.

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