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Board game review & gameplay of: Tapestry: Arts Architecture

Game design: J. Stegmaier

  • 8.5/10
  • 14+
  • 1-5 players
  • 90-120 minutes


This expansion adds a lot new things to the base game of Tapestry:

- New tapestry cards

- New civilizations mats for more replayability

- Advanced capital cities, which come with assymetrical rules

- Technology cards and (very special looking) landmarks

- A new advancement track, on which you can pay with any resource instead of specific ones 

- A new science die, including the new track 

- The Advancement track allows you to gain new masterpiece cards. Each Income phase, you may activate your masterpiece power and get the accompanying benefit (often resources or points)

- Inspiration tiles to improve rows on your income mat.


I think the new Tapestry expansion is great! It adds a lot of new possibilities and completes the game for me. On the other hand, it does not really 'fixes' anything from the base game, so if you didn't like the gameplay of the base game, you wont like it better with the expansion.

👍 The new advancement track opens up a lot of new possibilities.

👍 Because of these masterpiece cards you can extend your turns.

👍 I really enjoy the new capital cities, it’s a fun new thing to explore which put a bit more emphasize on the buildings.

❌ The new advancement track can cause a bit analysis paralysis, there’s a lot to keep track of.

❌ The expansion is a lot of fun when you enjoy the base game. If you don’t you won’t like it more with this expansion.


A copy of this game was provided to me by Stonemaier Games for the purpose of writing this review. My opinion however remains my own.

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