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Board game review & gameplay of: Under falling skies

  • 8.5/10
  • 12+
  • 1 players
  • 20-40 minutes


In Under Falling Skies the world is under attack by enemy ships. You have to fight the ships city by city in order to defend the world to this enormous threat.

You do so by placing dice to perform specific actions. However, when you place a die, the ship(s) in the same colomn will move down to the city and when they reach the city, damage it!

You try to perform enough research in order to eliminate the alien ship. But.. you have to be faster then the aliens damaging you, since the mothership moves closer and closer every turn 👽

There is a base gamemode and a campaign included in the game. The campaign gives al sorts of new powers and adds small new mechanics.


I really enjoy my time with this game. It plays quick, is easy to maintain and adds just enough each game to be excited to play new games.

👍 I like the replayability in this one, there is already a lot to find out without the campaign, but the campaign opens a whole new world with new awesome tweaks. After the campaign is finished, you're left with a lot of special abilities in the form of cities and personages and scenarios that you can mix and match how you please.

👍 The tension in this game is fun! It's like an exciting puzzle, exciting till you win (or lose!!)

👍 The game is quite the puzzle, it's not easy to win, but when you lose you are allowed to flip the citytile, giving you a better power, hence giving you more chance to win. I'm about halfway through the campaign and I win in one or two times most of the times.

➖ Although I like the components and it works really well with the gameplay, the looks are not that much appealing to me.


A copy of this game was provided to me by White Goblin Games for the purpose of writing this review. My opinion however remains my own.

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