About Me

Hi, my name is Lotte and I have developed a passionate love for board games over the last few years. I always knew I loved them, but I was so busy with other things back then, I just couldn't find the time! The unfortunate event of me falling on my head three years back has led to me reigniting this passion.

Besides that, this event also got me started working voluntarily at my local board game store regain some resilience. This is where my light started shining again and soon I wanted to share all this gained Board Game energy! Hence the starting of my IG-account in 2020 and the launch of this website in 2021. Since the end of 2021 I'm also a proud member in the jury of the Dutch Gaming Awards.

Lotte Speelt is still growing, as is my energy!

On my website and Instagram account (lotte_speelt) I post a lot of boardgame related content. I review board games, but besides this I also post random pics of what I am playing (and creating!).


Since my online activities don't have any financial benefits (yet), and it does take a big amount of work and some costs with it to keep everything up and running, I thought of some ways you are able to support me:

  • You can follow my IG-account and engage in my recent posts 
  • You can buy me a coffee (here on this page) or
  • You can buy your board games (or just about anything really..) via the affiliate links on my website, as I will get a tiny share of it then as well. It's important to note that you will not have to pay extra for me to get that share

Thank you for your support, in any way. This really helps me keeping everything awesome!

Love from the community